10 objects in my bedroom


So today I thought I would reveal ten items that are currently in my bedroom.

  1. Folders- currently there are so many college folders wverywhere I’ve lost count. They all have a label because I would forget what subject they are.
  2. Jar- Within this jar there are memories from my Over The Wall camp last year. The camp bubble is amazing. It is a week for seriously ill children to have fun and be a child. Most people involved are volunteers who give up their time. So much singing happens in this week it is unreal. There is lots of laughter activities and crazyness.  http://www.otw.org.uk/?gclid=CKWns7255ssCFdgaGwod-X8EoA
  3. Quotes- Around my room I have lots of quotes to try to motivate myself.
  4. Teddies- As a little girl I loved teddies (and still do). They are everywhere, on cabinets, on the bed, under the bed, (yes, under the bed I have storage here which is quite handy. They are so soft and fluffy and great to cuddle.
  5. Cork board- I love this its really handy. There are quotes, postcards and drawings pinned up alongside hospital appointments, and general things to remember.
  6. Books- When I have the energy I like to read. There is no specific genre I like to read what ever I like at the time. I am currently reading Theodore Boone abduction by John Grisham from his teen series. It is really good so far.
  7. Wristbands- These are all over. I find them goood to fiddle with when at college or when I’m revising as it helps me focus.
  8. Happy chest- I created this after it being recommended by a close friend it is sometimes also known as an emotional first aid kit. For the days when I really struggle. Inside it has things that make me happy. Quotes a candle that smells like cotton, lavender hand cream, soft teddy. If I find anything else, I can add to it but it is there when I need it.
  9. Box of stones- These are good to fiddle with when I’m stressed. They have a similar use to the wristbands. Sometimes having something cold to fidget with is quite helpful.
  10. Hanging dolphin wind chime- this was given to me a couple of years ago by a close friend who found it on holiday. I like making it chime as its really calming and makes me feel really happy when I look at it.

Take care,

Dolphin xx


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