Prompt deprive


To begin with I struggled to think of how this could be put into a prompt. Then I had the perfect idea.(Thanks to Hattie)

In a way I have been deprived of a childhood, because I spent a lot of time in hospital which means I missed a lot of the first few years of school. With my birthday being August I have always been one of the youngest.

Although my childhood was good, reflecting on it now I was in some way deprived. Many planned events would be canceled because there was an issue of some kind. I can’t just get up and go on an adventure.

I have to make sure that if I am away then I have all my medication and anything in case of an emergency. At the age of around twelve I began to do my own doset boxes which is something many others my age did not have to do.

I also need to know the name, dose, and why I take each medication. Slowly overtime more of the responsibility has been put on me and at some point in the future I will be sorting my own prescriptions.

Take care,

Dolphin xx






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