Legitimisation of Mental Health. #TriggerWarning.

I totally agree. Take care, Dolphin xx


You can’t see mental health problems so are they really there? That’s a question that’s been popping up on my Twitter and Facebook feeds, a lot lately. Mental health problems are to do with the mind. Some people say not the ‘physical brain’, but the way we feel and act. It isn’t about neurological conditions, but it’s how we perceive the world and how we behave, feel and think in it. I can understand both sides of the coin, as usual. But I want to go back to this question of mental health problems and whether just because they don’t always present with physical symptoms – are they there in the first place?

I’ve heard many people say that you can fake mental health problems. That some people pretend to have a mental health problem to receive benefits and to have time off work etc. I know people who have…

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