RIP Jasper 


I apologise for not writing my Over The Wall post yet but I am not really in the mood as yesterday Jasper our amazing five year old cat suddenly passed away.

We will love you forever.

Take care, 

Dolphin xx

You never know


Many people around me have mental health issues and it is very important to remember they are all fighting their own battle and have their own way to cope. It may not be a positive coping strategy or it may be. Please do not make them feel like their mental health issue is not important enough to get help. I also ask please remember you do not know what is going on in a person’s brain. They may look happy but could be the opposite mentally.

Take care,

Dolphin xx

If you can…

This is very true. Take care, Dolphin xx


Original Quote by Toni

If you can read

you can do anything

I have always taught my children that if they can read, they can do anything. Think about it. If you want to do a Science experiment, but may not be good at Science, if you read about the subject and then read how to do the assignment, then you can do it.

If you want to change the oil in your car or fix a tire, you can read about how to do it, follow the reading step by step, you can do it.

If you want to cook, but do not cook very well (me), read a cook book, assemble your ingredients, follow the recipe, step by step, and you can cook!


Practice is important, Doing is important, Interest is Important.

Reading is Most Important.

If you can Read, You can Do Anything.

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