This is lovely to read.
Take care,
Dolphin xx

That Indian Girl in Sweden

Volunteer to break the chain,
Of art of selfishness,
Of disrespecting the weak,
Of mistreating the weak,
Of shouting to make an impact,
Of being a pessimist.

Whatever goes comes back.
An eye for an eye,
Makes the whole world blind.
If your boss doesn’t treat you well,
You crib and shout at your kids,
Your spouse or parents,
Or those who work for you,
You are falling prey,
To a chain of negativity.

Have the courage,
To break this chain.
How others treat you,
Is not necessarily the way,
You ought to treat others.
Step in to take the higher road.

We often complain,
About others being judgmental,
How accepting you are,
For loving people despite their flaws?

We often complain,
Of not being understooded,
Of not being comforted,
Of not being supported.
But when was the last time,
You did this for someone,
Even within your own family.

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