Guest post


Earlier I asked a friend to write something about disability and this is what she came up with.


Attitudes towards disability are changing. There was a time when people with disability were stigmatised and although some undesirable opinions remain, we no longer look at disabled people in a negative light. This is thanks in part to its positive image on television in recent years. The Superhumans Show, the ‘Yes I Can’ advert for the Paralympics and the Paralympics themselves have shown us what everyday disabled people can achieve if they are determined enough. Every disabled person is superhuman, having to work that much harder than those without a disability, just to get to the same result and yet they do this day in day out putting the able bodied to shame. So many people this year have said that although they loved the Olympics it was the Paralympics that really inspired them. Any gold medal winner is inspiring but every single Paralympian is inspiring. They inspire those with disabilities and those without. Living with a disability can be a struggle and so all disabled people deserve respect for what they achieve. In just a few short years the view of disability, particularly in the media, has become so much more positive and this is filtering down to all areas of life. How much more can we accomplish in the next few years?

What do you think leave a comment below.

Take care,

Dolphin xx


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