A letter to heaven


Earlier this month I wrote this and am dedicating this to my sister Imaan.

Nine years ago you took my little sister I know I can not have her back but I just want to say this…

I wish I could get to know you. The time we spent was too short.

Two day breaks, two night falls, two midnights, two noons.

There are so many questions I want to ask.

I wish we could sit on my bed gossiping about life.

Oh how I wish we could cuddle. I want to be there for you. For you to fall asleep on my shoulder on a long drive.

You are always in my thoughts. Would you like this music or this meal? I will knever know.

Why were you taken so soon? So young, innocent and so many adventures still to have.

I am saddened by our parting, but know one day together we will be, sisters together, forever, my friend.

Forever loved, your big sister,

Aaliyah xx

Thankyou for reading.

Take care,

Dolphin xx


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