Bullet journal update


Some of you may be aware that in December last year I began a bullet journal. It is not an official one just a general notebook. I thought today I would write and let you know how I was getting on with it.

This month is the sixth month I have been using this system. I have definitely not perfected it yet.  When I originally set it up I decided there was no need for an index but am now regretting this as with so many pages it takes a while to find what is needed.

I am not sure about all the collections being all over the notebook. This may grow on me.

The general key is great although I did adapt it and make some changes to incorporate some mental health symbols.

It is a great way to write down all the things I need to do although sometimes I still forget what I need.

I like to be able to be creative but don’t always want to do something elaborate.

One great thing is making me sit and think of something good that happens each day and reflect.

What tips do you have? What makes it easier for you?

Leave me a comment below of how youbullet journal.

Take care,

Dolphin xxnotebook




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