Prompt- Wonder


I know this is the prompt from a few days ago I just didn’t know how I wanted to word it.

One of the books I have read is called Wonder by R.J Palacio. It’s about a young boy who after years of being home schooled, decides he wants  to go to a mainstream school. But, due to him being “different”, this isn’t an easy transition. I really enjoyed this book and was able to relate to some of the content and feelings as a 19 year old wheelchair user .

Throughout my life I have felt and been seen as different. I try my hardest not to let this upset me. It  can be a little difficult when my disability is very obvious.

I believe it is this that has given me the strength to be the person I am today. Having to fight for schools, access, support and other aspects of my life has made me realise how much of a gift everything is.

Having said that, I do sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have a disability. How would I be different from who I am now? But I then realise this is how I was made and I can do as much as possible to use my disability to inspire others. To show them that my chair does not stop me from being the person I want to be.

I have already achieved so much such as Duke of Edinburgh, Baden Powell Challenge and so many other things. If my blog can help one other person by showing them they are not alone and help to get them through a tough time then I have done my job.

I don’t want people to see my chair and think I can’t. I want them to see me and know that I may have to do things differently or take longer but if I want to do it I can. My mum has always said ” there is always a way round something.”I have also believed this too.

What have you always been told by your mum/female member of the family. As it is mother’s day.


Take care,

Dolphin xx



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