Colour is beautiful 


This came up on a social media feed today and I just had to share.

Conversations with students no. 21,008,906. This one was regarding my flowery pencil case 🌸💕

Lad 1: ‘that’s a girl’s pencil case!!’ 

Me: ‘what makes it a girl’s pencil case?’

Lad 1: ‘well it’s got pink in it!’

Me: ‘and? Aren’t boys or men allowed to like pink?’

Lad 2: ‘I love pink!!’

Me: ‘me too _____!’

Lad 1: ‘actually, I do quite like pink too 🌸’

Me: ‘see? And nothing should stop you from liking the colours, or indeed, the things you like doing or are interested in!! Doesn’t matter if people think it’s for ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ – if you like it: go for it!!’

Lad 2: ‘yes!! I love unicorns!!’ 🦄 🦄 

Some days the biggest joy in my job is just the interactions with young minds and (hopefully) playing my little part in shaping their outlook on the world, and learning about fairness and equality and questioning stereotypes, labels, clichés, constructs and boundaries; I hope it makes a difference 🌸💕

After reading this I had to share as it is very true. 

Colours are just colours it does not matter your gender.

Above is the pencil case that started the convocation.

What do you think?

Take care,

Dolphin xx

Book review 


I have just finished the following book which I really enjoyed.

I especially enjoyed some of the drawings sent in by the younger viewers.

I have always enjoyed the content of the programme and had no idea how much work goes into a programme like this.

Take care,

Dolphin xx

Organ Donation

Hi everyone,

This is a post I have wanted to share for a while now.

Early in March 2003 I recieved my gift of life, a kidney transplant. I am very lucky. This was the third attempt as the previous two I was not well enough to go ahead with the surgery. Please bear in mind I was a four year old at the time. Key hole surgery had not been found at this time, meaning I have a very large scar across my stomach. My AMAZING donor, my dad, has a large scar from the middle of his back to his stomach.

Organ donation saved my lfe. Before the transplant I was hooked up to a large machiene three times a week. This cleaned out my system which is what my kidney’s should have been doing but they had a very very low function level.

This process would wipe me out. On the days I was not hooked up I would do very little as I had no energy.

At the begining of this month I worked out that this all happened fifteen years ago.

To stop my body seeing this kidney as something foreign I have to take a few different medcations every day  for the rest of my life. Between that and being very unwell and in hospital for the rest of my life I will keep going with the meds.

Did you know one person can save at least eight lives but change the lives of more than fifty people.

All major religions in the U.S. support organ donation.

Donors can still have open casket funerals, and organ donation doesn’t cost the donor’s family any money.

If a person is hospitalized, the medical staff provides the best possible care, regardless of organ donor status. Donation is only considered after a patient has died.



It is easy to sign up and takes less than five minutes. You could save a life! We need more organ doners.

I hope this has inspired you to sign up.

Take care,

Dolphin xx


New washi tapes 


So I love craft tapes they make my journal look amazing.

I recently found All Things Washi.

It would have been really easy for me to spend all my money here. 

Here is a of the ones I chose.

From the point of order to the date I received them was very fast.

Even the packaging was beautiful. I will be ordering from here again.

See what you think.

Let me know what you order.

Take care,

Dolphin xx