Readathon results


I hope you all had a nice Easter, with lots of treats.

So, as you know I decided to be insane and read for 24 hours.

So I began with Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds. It was quick, written in verse, and tackled a heavy topic of death and guns. However, throughout reading this I didn’t want to put it down. This took around two hours to complete.

My second read was Alex Rider Scorpia (book 5) by Anthony Horowitz. This is a great series if you want something quick and light but still action packed. I read the majority of it only having 100 pages left by the end of the challenge. My reading rate was decreasing as the time went on the more tired I became.

To break up the reads between the above two, I read 12 pages of the subtle knife by Phillip Pullman. This is the second in His Dark Materials series. I’m very new to fantasy and have only read a few. This is also the current book club pick. I need to have it finished by 24th April. I think I can get it done.

In total I read 596 pages in 24 hours! I slept for 4 hours in total, did a weekly games session for 2 hours as well.

This was so much fun and I absolutely want to do it again. Next time I will have snacks and drinks ready. (I didn’t intend to even participate in this one.)

What are you reading? Let me know down below.

Take care,

Dolphin xx

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