Book review The Midnight Library


Today I’m back with a book review of The Midnight Library by Matt Haig.

This is the first of the two book club selections this month, its been on my radar since it came out in Summer 2020.

It is about the main character Nora who is about to take her own life, she ends up in a library surrounded by rows and rows of books. Each book a version of her life she could have had. This concept was really clever, showing how each decision she makes gives her a completly different life. From mother to Olympian or Glaciologist.

As a charcter she is really relatable with her feelings of loss, depression and anxiety due to the death of her pet. These are feelings that have been a part of my life. I loved how she leart from each life, took something new, and how you can see her thought patterns change from, I want to die to maybe I want to live by the end it becomes I want to live.

For me this was so inspiring because no matter how low I feel, useless or unneeded, this reminded me that I have a huge impact on everyone aroundd me. Even when I don’t feel like I’m making a difference. Helping others has always been important to me, this could be through Girl Guiding, volunteering or just being a listening ear.

Lockdown in the UK is tough we are all struggling, I’m working on myself, changing anti depresants, weekly talking thererpy. I’m not perfect nor will I ever be, but that’s ok. This book was a reminder of that I’m glad it was chosen I can’t wait to chat about it at book club.

Have you read it? Let me know in the comments below.

Take care,

Dolphin xx

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