Week away book reviews


I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine we have at the moment. Well, there is at least in the UK.

Last week, my family and I went on holiday to Devon to stay in some beautiful cottages. This is something that we have been doing with our family friends for the last six years. Sadly, we were unable to in 2020 making this trip all the more exciting.

During the week there were lots of books read by myself which was super relaxing. It was lovely to read by the lake on the grounds whilst listening to the birds around us. Putsbourgh beach was also a lovely place to relax and read. Especially with the sun warming me from outside and books from inside.

The first book I finished was Connected by Rori Pierce. This was a young adult book. It follows Bethany and her journey through an abusive relationship, following how Trevor has such a hold on her. As a topic this is not spoken about in ya as a genre despite it being something many young people experience. I found it very compelling despite the dark subject matter. Books are a great way to learn but at your own pace, pick up and put down as and when required.

I fell in love with Bethany very quickly, seeing some of myself in her. Throughout I found myself getting annoyed at some of her actions although I was able to understand where it came from. As a characher I don’t think you are supposed to like Trevor and I don’t. However, he is such a powerful character. My absolute favourite character has to be Xion949. Through her internet friend Bethany learns what she really wants and how to be happy. I now can’t wait for the sequel to see where this goes.

The second book I finished was an audiobook from the library. This being the third book in the Noughts and Crosses series by Malorie Blackman. Each book in the series is so powerful this was no different. I am going to be deliberately very vague about it as there are so many details that you would need to know. I have been buddy reading this series with a friend. The character growth is amazing, how everything ties together is superbly done. It does also show how there is still so much racism within society today. I am super excited to dive into the next one.

The third book that I completed was Second Chances by Hattie Wells. Hattie is a self published author who I found. As soon as I read the blurb, I was excited to dive in. Imogen, our main character is very cautious. As she becomes more confident with her new boyfriend who happens to be a hugely famous actor who works alongside her, she slowly reveals the past she is running from. Until, something goes wrong ,once again she is feeling lost and alone but this time it is so much worse. I absolutely loved all the characters. It was such a compelling read I had to know what was happening being instantly drawn in. The emotions of each character is portrayed so well that when they were sad, so was I same for happy, angry and other feelings. I am eagerly awaiting the sequal!

I hope that you pick up one or all of these books as I really enjoyed them.

Let me know what you are reading.

Take care,

Dolphin xx

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