Take the long way round


Last week in physio I walked outside for  part of it for the first time.It was a little scary but exciting as it was a whole new part of college. What I learnt is by going the long way round I found out facts about  daisies, daffodils and other things through history. Along the walk, I had a choice I could walk along the flat part but this was the long way round or I could go the bumpy way which was shorter.

Which would you choose?

In the end, I chose the smooth path. Along the path were different flowers which I would not have found if I had not ventured out there.

I challenge you yo take a new path this week and let me know what you discover as well as how the experience makes you feel.

Take care,

Dolphin xx


Prompt orderly


I like everything to be orderly to  be organised and have a plan it stops me from panicking. My bedroom is usually untidy but my college work is ordered. One thing I have learnt at college is to put a date on any notes and worksheets, otherwise revision gets very confusing with numerous subjects that are divided into different parts. For me having order and a routine is helpful so I know what I am doing when. This week is half term which is less structured. It is good to have a break sometimes.

Take care,

Dolphin xx


No more coursework


So today I handed in my last piece of coursework. Now I have four exams sociology- social inequality as well as crime and deviance. RS- Religious experience and ethics.

The end is almost in sight.

Take care,

Dolphin xx

Stay on don’t quit

Keep on going you will get through. Take care, Dolphin xx


It takes time to make it big;
It takes patience and courage
To excel;
To come out on top;
I know because I’ve lived it;
Many times a task has looked
And I have been tempted to give up;
But because I mustered the courage
And was patient enough to stay on,
I came out victorious.
Make no mistake;
If you are not ready to stay put,
Even though it hurts,
You will not make it;
If you have not the courage
To fight on;
And instead want it the quick way,
Great things are not meant for you.ts
The way to the top is stay on;
Patience pays.

#dont-quit, #patience, #stay-on

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