Just remember.





The more you try the more ways you will find that work/don’t so you can learn and adapt your method to get better each time until you reach your final goal.

Take care,

Dolphin xx

A letter to heaven


Earlier this month I wrote this and am dedicating this to my sister Imaan.

Nine years ago you took my little sister I know I can not have her back but I just want to say this…

I wish I could get to know you. The time we spent was too short.

Two day breaks, two night falls, two midnights, two noons.

There are so many questions I want to ask.

I wish we could sit on my bed gossiping about life.

Oh how I wish we could cuddle. I want to be there for you. For you to fall asleep on my shoulder on a long drive.

You are always in my thoughts. Would you like this music or this meal? I will knever know.

Why were you taken so soon? So young, innocent and so many adventures still to have.

I am saddened by our parting, but know one day together we will be, sisters together, forever, my friend.

Forever loved, your big sister,

Aaliyah xx

Thankyou for reading.

Take care,

Dolphin xx

Forever Missed


So the next few days are hard.

So long ago we parted, but you are now free.

Always, you will be in my thoughts.

In a blink of an eye you arrived, another blink and you had gone.

Take care,

Dolphin xx


Will give these a listen. Take care, Dolphin xx


It does not matter who you are or where you come from,  we have all experienced hard times in our lives. Music has always proven to be an extremely powerful outlet for all kinds of emotions, helping people from all walks of life get through, deal with or meditate on difficult situations and circumstances, or just lifting their spirits up and cheer up.

So if you are experiencing bad times or just need a pick-me-up, here are 5 songs to help you cope and move on:

      1. “Move Along” – The All-American Rejects 

Talks about:

  • carrying on even when you are tired
  • not giving up

    2. “Fight song”- Rachel Platten

Talks about:

  • Fighting for and taking ownership of your life
  • Believing in yourself even when no one else does

       3. “Never too late” – Three Days Grace

Talks about:

  • turning things around

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Earlier today I came across the following quote. I could not agree more. Many people come into my life without being aware of the previous chapters. They make me who I am today. Not all have been happy, but each experience I have been through both physically and mentally have taught me something. These give me my unique perspective on this strange and scary world.

It is amazing how our past can have an impact on our future. We can learn so much which can help another.

Try using your own experience to help another and let me know how you get on.

Take care,

Dolphin xx


First aid training 


Today I went on a first aid training course for the  Rainbow unit I help at.

It was  a great day, I can’t remember the last time I did first aid but I was surprised at how much I remembered.

Everyone should have some knowledge as you could save a life and life is a very special thing.

Take care,

Dolphin xx